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Flange Calculator


    1) Data Entry: Flange Calculator has an all-inclusive data collection method. Each parameter used for the accurate calculations are asked to be entered in a discrete manner.

    2) Standard Design and Customize Design: Flange Calculator provides the results according to the standard database of the code. Users are given the facility to develop the flange with customized data as well.

    3) Analysis: Flange Calculator runs the analysis strictly in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 2 Part 4. It also complies with ASME Section VIII Division1 Appendix 2.

    4) Graphics: Flange Calculator shows 3D visualization of the flange with respect to dynamic input.

    5) Validation: Accuracy is maintained by validating each user input.

    6) Report: A detailed report is generated that provides the procedure of calculation for all design parameters. It also provides a summarized report for fast and easy access to users. Also the warnings and errors are displayed if there are any.

    7) Report in pdf: The generated report can also be converted to pdf format.